This service catalogue provides a single location for services information provided by the Administration portfolio to the university community. The catalogue helps to clarify the services being offered, as well as makes eligibility and any associated costs more transparent.

In the catalogue, USask faculty, students, staff, researchers, alumni, and retirees can browse through a virtual menu of current services related to Buildings and Grounds, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Procurement.

The catalogue entries are searchable by role, by theme, or a combination of both. Service descriptions in the catalogue:

  • Follow a standard structure in order to providing consistent service information for customers.
  • Focus on high-level service information and then link to more detailed information provided elsewhere (e.g. in the knowledge base).
  • Focus on services that are used by individuals or that are based on roles.
  • Hide organizational complexity.
  • Describe “What” we do for our customers and “Who” is eligible to use the services.
  • Act as a signpost for where to go to get help or find more information.

An Integrated Web Strategy

The service catalogue is part of an integrated web strategy for the Administration portfolio. This strategy has focussed on bringing similar types of content together from across the portfolio. The Administration portfolio has:

Through this integrated web strategy, a common customer experience is being provided across the Administration portfolio web presence. 

Key benefits of integrating the portfolio’s web content include:

  • Consolidating the Administration portfolio web presence, minimizing the number of sites customers need to visit.
  • Providing increased agility and responsiveness as the organization and services change.
  • Hiding the Administration portfolio's organizational complexity from delivery of services and support. 
  • Enabling continuous improvement of websites and minimizing the need for major overhauls.

Questions about the Administration Service Catalogue can be emailed to: