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IT Procurement and Software Licensing

  • Service available to: Faculty, Staff, Researchers
  • Themes: Consulting, Help and Support, Software and Hardware
  • Service Category: IT Professional Services
  • Service Areas: IT Consulting and Advising, Enterprise Licensing
  • Fees May Apply:

Description of Service

This service provides faculty, staff, and researchers with consultation and support for the acquisition of software and computer hardware.

For hardware, this service includes:

  • Providing consultation and support for acquisition of standard and non-standard computer hardware including server and storage.
  • Providing consultation and support for acquisition of portable audio-visual equipment and other items that hook up to computers (e.g. label printers).
  • Facilitating warranty services for university-owned computer equipment.
  • Facilitating copier and printer programs on campus.
  • Managing device renewal programs.

For software, this service includes:

  • Facilitating campus software agreements, such as the Microsoft Campus Agreement, Nuance products for PDF, Adobe products.
  • Negotiating software licensing terms for the institution.
  • Managing licenses for various research software (e.g. NVIVO, EndNote, SAS, SPSS licensing).
  • Evaluating and assisting with the procurement of cloud-based services.


Use the IT Requisition Consultation form (login required) to request consultation on buying computer hardware and/or software, or if you have questions on warranty services.

Licensed software is available for faculty, staff, and researchers to self-install through the Software Centre on university-managed computers. Learn how to install software using Software Centre (login required).

Use the Software Install Request (login required) form to request software installation on a university-owned and managed computer or device.

Availability of Support

Core Hours: 8:30 am–4:30 pm Monday to Friday
After Hours: N/A

Service Standards

Service Exclusions, Limitations, and Restrictions

  • This service can be used only for institutional purchases (i.e. requires a U of S CFOAPAL). For personal purchases, see the Technology section of the Retail Services website
  • Hardware and software used at the university need to be evaluated for:
    • Alignment with currently supported technologies to ensure strategic fit and minimize duplication of services.
    • Risk including data governance, privacy, system security, indemnity, liability and insurance.
  • Support for the procurement of audio-visual equipment that needs to be mounted to walls is provided as part of the Renovations and Alterations service.

Service Charges

  • Costs for all hardware and software products are paid for by the department unless they are covered under a centrally-funded program.
  • Fees of $90/hr will be applied to initial setup and/or support of employee devices purchased outside of IT Requisitions.
  • Units with existing setup fee agreements will be honoured per their MOUs. 

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