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IT Security and Compliance

  • Service available to: Faculty, Staff, Students
  • Themes: Help and Support, Security
  • Service Category: IT Security
  • Service Areas: Secure Computing, IT Security Consulting, IT Security Incident Response and Investigation, IT Security Policy and Compliance

Description of Service

This service provides faculty, staff, and students with access to support and guidance on IT security and compliance matters at the university. This includes:

  • Helping faculty, staff, and students learn how to be safe online.
  • Responding to compromised accounts and devices.
  • Providing resources and online training for IT security (login required).
  • Assisting faculty and staff with assessments regarding regulatory (e.g. PCI), legislative (e.g. HIPA), and other security requirements.
  • Managing the university’s IT threat and risk management/privacy impact assessment process.
  • Installing, operating, and maintaining the university’s video surveillance systems (i.e. CCTV and Patrol Vehicle camera system).
  • Installing, operating, and maintaining the university’s security intrusion alarm systems.
  • Installing, operating and maintaining the university's card access systems.
  • Monitoring the university’s network and systems to ensure security is being proactively maintained.

The service also establishes information security best practices and standards for the university; recommends tools to manage IT systems and mitigate risk; monitors the university’s overall IT security posture; and assesses and reports on the university’s IT security maturity.


Report an IT Security Incident if you suspect your private information has been breached, your account, workstation or website was hacked, or your device is lost or stolen.

Forward phishing emails to

Staff can request IT security and compliance from IT Support Services using the following methods:

Availability of Support

Core Hours: 8:00 am–5:00 pm Monday to Friday
After Hours: N/A

Service Standards

Service Exclusions, Limitations, and Restrictions

  • ICT may scan devices connected to the university network for security issues and vulnerabilities. Network traffic may be monitored to help ensure a reliable network service and to protect the university community.
  • The university’s IT services are not to be used to download or distribute illegal or unlicensed material. Notices from third parties of copyright violations will be passed along.
  • Devices suspected to be in violation of laws and university policies or that pose a threat to the rest of the university may be disconnected from the university network.
  • Use, transfer, and storage of credit card numbers must comply with Payment Card Industry security standards.

Service Charges

  • There are no charges associated with using the IT security and compliance service.

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