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Travel and Expense Reimbursement

  • Service available to: Faculty, Staff, Students, Researchers
  • Themes: Buying Goods and Services, Expenses and Reimbursements, Travel
  • Service Category: Procurement Management
  • Service Areas: Employee Reimbursements, Travel Management
  • Fees May Apply:

Description of Service

This service provides all faculty, staff, researchers, and students with support for travel- and expense-related reimbursements for work-related out-of-pocket expenses that qualify for reimbursement from any type of university fund (e.g. operating, research, professional expense, etc.). This includes expenses incurred by individuals outside the university for university business.

In addition to support for general work-related expense reimbursements, this service provides additional support for travel-related expenses, including:

  • Creating expense reports.
  • Providing post-trip claims processing and reimbursement approvals.

Travel expenditures submitted for reimbursement must be in accordance with the university's Travel Expense Guidelines (login required). Hospitality expenditures submitted for reimbursement must be in accordance with the university’s Hospitality Expense Guidelines (login required). In addition, there are professional expense guidelines for APEFs and DSAEs (login required).


To submit an expense for reimbursement in Canadian currency:

For reimbursement in a currency other than Canadian currency, please use the Travel Expense Claim form (login required).

Faculty, staff, researchers, and students can request travel and expense support from ConnectionPoint using the following methods:

  • Submit an Online Request through PAWS (Apps and Services -> Administrative -> ConnectionPoint):
    Log in to PAWS
  • Phone: 306-966-2000 or 844-697-4865 to leave a voicemail
  • In-Person Support:
  • Access our new Request Virtual One-on-one Support eForm (login required)
  • Please note: ConnectionPoint Agents are currently working remotely and our Arts location is closed at this time
    Arts Building, Room 258
    Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (closed noon to 1:00 pm)

Availability of Support

Core Hours: 8:00 am–4:30 pm Monday to Friday
After Hours: N/A

Service Standards

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been added to select ConnectionPoint eForms. Processing start dates for eForms are available in the ConnectionPoint channel in PAWS.
  • Processing times for expenses submitted through Concur are different than those submitted through an eForm.

Service Exclusions, Limitations, and Restrictions

Service Charges

  • There are typically no charges associated with using travel and expense reimbursement services.
  • Units are responsible for travel and expense costs, including any taxes, shipping, duty, and interest associated with overdue accounts.

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